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What is a volumetric mixer?

A volumetric mixer is a mobile concrete batching plant. The raw materials are transported to site in separate compartments on the vehicle. When on site, the required mix design and slump are selected and the concrete production process starts. In minutes the fresh concrete can be discharged as a continuous or intermittent flow and can be halted at any point, offering the customer complete flexibility and control of the quantity received.

I do not know how much concrete I need. Can I still place an order with you?

YES. To ensure we arrive with enough raw materials on board, we simply require an approximate quantity at the time of order. The exact quantity that you pay for will be metered as it is discharged from the mixer. Remember, you only pay for what you have.

How long can I keep the mixer on site when receiving a delivery?

For deliveries of up to 3m³ we allow up to half an hour free of charge. For deliveries of over 3m³ we allow up to 45 minutes free of charge. If the allotted time is exceeded, a charge of £60 + VAT per hour is charged in 10 minute increments.

What size are the mixers?


The mixers in our fleet vary slightly in size, but average measurements would be:

Length: 7 Metres
Width: 2-6 Metres
Height to top of Auger: 4 Metres
Height to top of Cab: 3.2 Metres
Height to top of Exhaust Stack: 3.6 Metres

How do I pay for my concrete?

credit-card-smPayment can be made by debit/credit card.

Are there any hazards involved with handling concrete?

Yes. Wet concrete can cause severe burns and dermatitis. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves, goggles and footwear.

Exeter & East Devon 01395 23 33 33

Torbay & South Devon 01803 87 30 30

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